Hello ! I am Elsa Baussier, graphic and type designer in Paris.

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Carving stone workshop in Lithuania, lead by Franck Jalleau | 10.13.19 → 10.18.19 |

Dixit is based on a 18th century font by Johannes Enschede. This font, optimized for text, is designed for editorial work. The round shapes give the font a warm aspect in long text. Thanks to Lewis McGuffie for his precious help and advice. Font still in progress. | 03.12.19 |

Typography inspired by the sound of a transverse flute.
It was created by two other students and myself as part of a workshop with Emilie Rigaud | 11.28.18 |

Book design

Monograph about Bauhaus with a focus on the work of Albert Flocon, Walter Gropius and Oscar Schlemmer.

Book design of a monograph about Chateaubriand. This book deals with the genesis and the publishing of Les Mémoires d’outre tombe by René de Chateaubriand. It underlines the special relationship of the author with his garden. The first part, printed with black laser printer on a risograph black, offers a view of a glimpse of the writing process, with parts of the manuscript that have never been published. I imagined the second part in colours to underline the modern part of the book, once it was published. | 04. 2019 |

Photographic and editorial workshop, conducted by a group of three persons, about the painting of Hieronymus Bosch called The Garden of Delights. It underlines the different colour atmospheres of the triptych. | 03.2019 |


Poster proposal for the event Printemps de le typographie 2020,organised by Ecole Estienne. This year's topic was "écrire à la main". | 02.03.2020 |

Poster for the fictional event "Open Festival", that introduces alternative practices for the manufacturing and production of objects. | 02.03.2019 |